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    Transfer Coated Products.
    Vinyls and Artificial Leathers
  • Direct Coated


    Direct Coated products.
    Tarpaulin type products
    for a wide variety of applications
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    We supply coated fabrics
    We are one of the few coaters globally
    doing both direct and transfer coating
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    Technical Ability ahead of the pack
    We employ and consult with
    world class polymer technologists

Neucoat manufactures a range of coated fabrics for use in various industrial applications.

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What We Do

  • Standard Tarpaulin

    We produce Direct Coated Tarpaulin in a range of colours, weights and widths for anything from waterproof clothing to truck side curtains.

  • Stretch Tent | Event and Structure Tarpaulin

    Our high-quality PVC coated products are designed for outdoor use and can handle exposure to UV and weathering.

  • Ventilation Ducting

    We produce flexible PVC ventilation ducting material, specifically for your requirements. Look out for our “NeuVent” logo.

  • Dam/Potable Water Liners

    PVC liners for water storage structures, either industrial applications or for water intended for human or animal consumption.

  • Canvas

    The water-head results as well as the tear and tensile strengths of our RipStop Canvas exceed those of the typical industry standards.

  • Automotive

    We are the leading manufacturer of coated fabrics for automotive applications within the South African market. Designed for a long lifespan under demanding conditions.

  • Grain Cover

    This direct coated tarpaulin material is specifically designed with a Food Grade formulation to provide optimum conditions for grain storage.

  • Furniture and Upholstery

    We have a range of light, midi and heavy-duty products designed for different applications in the furniture manufacture industry.

Welcome to the Neucoat Family

We pride ourselves on excellent product quality and customer service. We treasure our customer's support. With our advanced knowledge, modern manufacturing processes and technical skills Neucoat leads the field in innovative coated fabric product developments.

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    Technologically Advanced
    You get the right product.
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    People Focused
    You get the right service.
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    Experienced QA and R&D
    You get the right support.
  • Our advanced knowledge of material inputs, manufacturing processes, and our technical skills allow us to manufacture a broad range of standard and innovative coated products, as well as customer specific product developments.

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