Potable Water Tarp

Potable water tarp designed is for water reservoirs that store water intended for human and animal consumption.

There are two basic types: 720grm/m2 designed as a liner within a supported structure, and 900grm/m2 product with a strong basecloth that can be used in self-supporting flexible structures.

The PVC formulation is designed for continuous contact with water, and radically reduces the level of toxins that leech from the PVC liner into the stored water.

This formulation is designed to comply with the standards as set by the Australian Water Quality Center specification (AS/AZS 4020:2005). Compliance to other standards can be considered on request.

Due to the stable nature of the PVC formulation of this product, it may in certain instances be successfully used for liners that are required to store liquids that may have a degrading effect on regular PVC coated fabrics. In order to determine compatibility, we are able conduct tests to help determine the effect of the desired liquid on the potable water liner.

For up to date information on the various colours and widths available as stock items, please contact your nearest sales centre as listed in our contacts section.

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